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Highway Department

Superintendent: Stephen Stocking
Phone: 585-599-4892 ext. 6 or 7
Email: highway@townofpembroke.org

Highway Staff

Scott Turner Ed Duckworth
Adam Schafer Andrew Gabbey


Driveway Application [PDF]

Prior to beginning your new build, please contact the Highway Superintendent to discuss the installation of a culvert pipe if needed & to get your house number.

Bruch is picked up curbside in the Spring.  This is a one-time sweep and starts at the end of April (weather permitting).

The Town will ONLY replace mailboxes and posts that are physically hit by the plow truck (there would be paint transfer).  If the box is taken down by heavy snow pushed by the plow then the town will not replace it.  Check to make sure that the post has not rotted, rusted or otherwise deteriorated and that the box is in good shape and securely mounted to the post. Also check to see if the post is inserted deep enough into the ground. The cheap plastic mailboxes get brittle in the cold and break too easily. The best post is a 4”x4” pressure treated wood post set at least 2 feet into the ground. Be sure to follow Postal Service regulations as to location and height of the post and type and size of the box.